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The Forrest Research Foundation positions Perth at the centre of the Asia-Pacific region for science, policy, and thought leadership, and houses a unique community of global scholars who live and work together, generating new synergies and intersections in research. Photo by Sia Kambou.

it’s in Our dna

Research and Innovation are part of Minderoo Foundation’s DNA. Research plays a vital role in enabling the Minderoo Foundation to rapidly identify opportunities that will achieve social change. It also provides the critical information & analysis required along the journey to enable superior operational and strategic decisions. It underpins and informs everything we do, as does innovation.

More a way of life than an activity, innovation at Minderoo Foundation is about the relentless pursuit of new ideas and new technology, not for their own sake, but for the contribution they can make to delivering a better world. Innovative ideas can help drive greater equality, stronger environmental protection, better health outcomes and a myriad of other things. Innovation is also critical to achieving research outcomes on complex social issues at scale and with speed.

Oceanographers Investigate Falling Oxygen Levels In Baltic SeaOceanographers Investigate Falling Oxygen Levels In Baltic Sea

Forrest scholars and fellows consider solutions for social, environmental and scientific challenges. We’re aiming to develop a new free-thinking research community.
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What we do

Research and innovation informs and drives Minderoo Foundation’s work with the Forrest Research Foundation, which focuses on encouraging excellence in research and innovation in Western Australia. The program supports outstanding students and academics to undertake ground-breaking research at one of the state’s five universities.

We are working to build strong partnerships between the Minderoo Foundation and key research and innovation partners, such as think tanks, universities and academics. We are also helping to develop new research on critical areas of impact that are important to Minderoo Foundation’s seven other core initiatives, as well as leveraging the knowledge platforms developed by each.

Why this is important

We believe the first step to tackling major challenges is understanding the size and scope of the problem, along with any key drivers of that problem. Evidence is critical to everything we do at Minderoo Foundation, from measuring modern slavery to tracking global fishing practices.

Research and innovation are also critical to finding new solutions to problems that have remained unsolved over time. Research informs our strategy development, decision making and advocacy.


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