Cancer research lab
Photo Credit: Louis Reed via Unsplash.

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We seek to empower patients. In 2018, Baroness Tessa Jowell became the first person to volunteer medical data to the Universal Cancer Databank.


What we do

We partner and share information globally to reduce the incidence of cancer, accelerate development of breakthrough therapies, and empower patients, scientists and clinicians to strive for a world where cancer is a treatable, non-fatal disease.

Collaborate Against Cancer is working across multiple sectors to accelerate cancer research and improve prevention, detection, and treatment by removing barriers and rewarding collaboration.

We are committed to reducing the incidence of cancer by elevating prevention efforts and policy change, particularly in the area of tobacco control. We invest in innovative clinical trials that accelerate the development of breakthrough therapies, including our own Clinical Trials Network.

Empowering patients and scientists to discover new targets and therapies through data sharing is key to all our efforts. We are focused on unlocking patient data and sharing information globally through the Universal Cancer Databank and our collaboration with Count Me In.


West Australian teenager Baxter Hutchinson raised a massive $462,760 for brain cancer research, with the help of Collaborate Against Cancer.

Why cancer is our focus

Cancer is one of the greatest challenges facing the world. It is a disease with no boundaries. It does not discriminate. More collaboration across research, philanthropy, industry, and government is needed if we are to achieve the shared global goal of delivering better outcomes for patients and their loved ones.

How we help

Collaboration often requires facilitation. We aren’t afraid to play this role and act as global convener of cross-sector collaboration across the cancer spectrum.

We support the development of cutting-edge technology and clinical trial platforms that will fundamentally shift the paradigm for drug development. We recognise that data is key and have developed an open source, patient-driven data sharing platform to expedite cancer research and innovation.

Prevention is more powerful than a cure. The impact cancer has on our communities would be reduced significantly if we could limit it from the very start.